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Heartwarming: Erfworld
  • One night, Parson asks his twoll lackey Bogroll what would be the one thing he would want if he could have anything. Bogroll, who had just finished expounding on how much happier he was as Lackey to the Chief Warlord, simply answered "To save your life, my Lord." Parson is lost for words.
    • Much much later, long after Bogroll's Heroic Sacrifice to take out Ansom, we find out that Parson's personal war cry when charging into battle is "For Bogroll!"
    • Later, when the capital is taken. One of the banners is of Misty. The Lookamancer that croaked. Parson seems to have remembered her sacrifice.
  • After dramatically getting to his throne room to save Parson's life, Stanley receives a thinkagram informing him of Parson's plans to kill Charlie. He is convinced that this is impossible, but concedes that the impossible is what Parson does best. He only speaks to agree to the plan, but this new faith in his chief warlord is a refreshing change.
  • Trammenis and Slately's last talk.
  • Lady Dove in Digdoug 8 & 9. It's very refreshing to see a Carnymancer on the side of the heroes for a change.
  • Wrigley finally gets to do what he was meant to do.
    Wrigley's internal monologue: He loved the Titans, and Wanda their Tool, for granting him this new life and this new spear. And though he had never yet used it, now he knew what he was for. His side was the Titan's side. They had raised him from the ground to use this spear just once.
    And so he did.

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