Heartwarming / Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

  • In the good ending, Mickey splashes the Mad Doctor's face with paint, giving him a real My God, What Have I Done? moment before he uses his machine to rescue himself, Mickey, and Oswald from falling into the Thinner river. Later, the trio are brought back to a group of people, and the Mad Doctor realizes what being a toon is about. As a result of Mickey and Oswald's good actions, the Tints (paint guardians) transform the Mad Doctor into a real toon.
  • Oswald and Ortensia, full stop. "Good luck, hunny bunny!" :D
    • Even better? Moments before the above quote a worried Ortensia tells Oswald to be careful while he, Mickey, and Gus head off to fix the projectors. How does Oswald respond? He simply gives her a kiss without a word, and she's reassured. Oswald didn't need words to comfort Ortensia. They're that close.