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Heartwarming: E.T. the Extraterrestrial
  • E.T. mimicking Elliott's behavior when they formally meet in Elliott's room. It shows that E.T. is harmless and curious.
    • Also Elliott's reactions throughout that scene, as he grows to care for and trust E.T. for the first time.
  • E.T. healing Elliott's wound.
  • Elliott and Michael reminiscing about their father in the garbage.
  • The long hug E.T. gives Elliott when they're saying goodbye at the end.
  • I always thought the scene where E.T. is listening to Mary reading Gertie a bedtime story was cute.
  • The entirety of E.T.'s revival scene.
    Elliott: Does this mean they're coming?
    E.T.: Yes.
  • "I'"
  • "I'm glad he met you first."
  • "I'll believe in you all my life. Every day. E.T... I love you."
  • While Elliot reenacting The Quiet Man is a moment of funny. The girl reacts to his kiss like she is taken aback by it makes it heartwarming because it implies she likes Elliot.
  • Michael is a walking moment of heartwarming after meeting E.T. When Elliot tells Michael to look for the missing E.T. he risks nearly luring the FBI, just to save him.
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