Heartwarming / Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

  • The good ending. The ending theme, Flower of Happiness, only serves to reinforce the idea.
  • When Laharl is reunited with his mother.
    • Following the reunion, Laharl, after spending half the game calling Flonne you or Love Freak, finally calls her by her name.
  • When Kurtis sacrifices his life to free Jennifer from Carter's mind control and stop her from blowing up the heroes, Laharl commands "Heed my words, Death. I command you in the name of King Laharl. Lead the soul of Kurtis, Defender of Earth, to his family's side."
  • Disgaea has a lot. Especially the ending. "Become a magnificent Overlord, Laharl" indeed. Or the whole Demonic Overlord willing to pull off a Heroic Sacrifice out of love. Though in the normal ending, this pushed straight into Tear Jerker...
  • A very rare Arson, Murder, and Admiration Laharl gave to Etna after she reveals her Batman Gambit against Maderas and curbstomps him HARD.
    • If you read Etna's diary about the subject after the chapter is complete it reveals Etna thought he'd kill her for sure and was completely prepared for it. She doesn't seem to understand why he forgave her but admits that he might be more like his father than he seems. Considering that Etna loves Laharl's father, that's a very good thing in her eyes.