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Heartwarming: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
  • The Flower of Happiness theme for the "good Ending".
  • When Laharl is reunited with his mother.
    • Following the reunion, Laharl finally calls Flonne by her name, and this is after he spent half the game calling Flonne you or Love Freak.
  • When Kurtis sacrifices his life to free Jennifer from Carter's mind control and stop her from blowing up the heroes, Laharl commands "Heed my words, Death. I command you in the name of King Laharl. Lead the soul of Kurtis, Defender of Earth, to his family's side.
  • The good ending. The ending theme, Flower of Happiness, only serves to reinforce the idea.
  • Disgaea has a lot. Especially the ending. "Become a magnificent Overlord, Laharl" indeed. Or the whole Demonic Overlord willing to pull off a Heroic Sacrifice out of love. Though in the normal ending, this pushed straight into Tear Jerker...
  • A very rare Arson, Murder, and Admiration Laharl gave to Etna after she reveals her Batman Gambit against Madaras and curbstomps him HARD.

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