Heartwarming / Dirty Jobs

  • Mike goes before Congress and testifies about why the jobs he focuses on are essential to the economy. The extremely humble way he talks about himself as "a guest" on his own show next to the people doing the work is just icing on the cake. The fact that he says he made the show to honor his grandfather is especially sweet. Go Mike!
  • When Mike delivers a calf, after expressing a good deal of concern for the cow, he helps the calf out, then says "Hey welcome to the world there, chief" and tells the cow "nice job, honey". D'aawwww.
  • Shark Spotter: A job where a man stays up on a cliff and watches for sharks so he can warn swimmers before they got attacked. The reason is written on his binoculars in two simple letters: T W, which stand for Tanya Webb, a sixty something year old woman who died from a shark attack while taking her morning swim. Bit of a Tear Jerker, but Mike Rowe, without any sarcasm, makes it heartwarming.
    Rowe: You're up here to save lives. You're a lifesaver, that's what you are.
  • Eddie Barbini, some sort of manager or producer for the show, yells and even tugs Dave Barsky out of the way of a falling tree. Barsky argues he wasn't in danger, and that Eddie messed up his shot. Mike pulls them into a group hug and makes an overly dramatic speech about how they're coming together, then tells them to figure it out themselves, as it just 'got weird'. You'd think that would ruin the moment, but the last shot of the two before turning back to the episode's focus shows them quietly shaking hands. A slightly awkward moment, but Heartwarming nonetheless.
  • Doug gets a bit of flack for not doing the Honolulu Highrise, but Barsky and one of the Window Washers' safety crew telling him it's okay to back out if he doesn't feel fine with doing it is this.
    • Barsky actually has several moments that, despite being mostly buisness-related (in a "we're here to shoot a show, let's do it and get it done" manner), show he does care about the safety and wellbeing of the crew and Mike. The feeling is reciprocated, though not without some snarky comments.
  • The 150th Extravaganza: People from the jobs prior to this show are invited to a party, in which the Top Ten Dirtiest (as voted by the fans) arrive to the 'brown carpet' in Garbage Trucks. It's a nice party with square dances, games, and Mike reconnecting with some of the people he's worked with. Keep an eye on the background, you'll recognize at least one person in each shot.
    • Top Ten include Dawn, the Monkey Caretaker; Kristen the Snake Researcher; Hunter from The Casino Food Recycler; Yav the 11 year old hoof trimmer; The Captain of the Shrimp Boat (Fortunately, Mike's mother declined to come); Billy from Vexcon; The Charcoal maker; The Cattle Rancher (no sleeves, used the "persuader"); The Crawfish Fisher; and the Shark Suit Tester.
    • The other heartwarming part of this episode comes from the people who've featured on an episode to Mike Rowe. They are grateful to him because after their episodes aired, their businesses picked up. Dawn the Monkey Caretaker tells Mike they've gotten more funding and volunteers for APES. Kristen the Snake Researcher mentions that not only has she gotten more help, but she also has people asking for her autograph. The Shark Suit Tester says that the suits are selling and are even saving lives.