Heartwarming / Dinosaurs

  • When Earl's sister, Pearl, a country singer, shows up and the two of them sing together at the end of the episode. It's really very sweet.
  • Earl's speech to Robbie at the end of the two-part "Nuts to War" episodes.
    • Baby spending the two episodes in a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner battle with a Cookie Creature, only for him to discover that the creature is only stealing to feed his little ones and Baby lets them have the cookie. Considering that Baby is kind of selfish this speaks volumes.
  • The episode, The Golden Child can be summed up in one word: "Daddy."
  • The end of Endangered Species.
  • The end of "Changing Nature". Baby asks his family if they will survive, and his father, not having the heart to tell his son they won't, says that whatever happens, they'll be in this together. Awwww.
  • In "The Mighty Megalosaurus," Earl meets Arthur Rizzik, who narrowly escaped being dinner earlier and whose family left him after Earl pushed over his tree. Rizzik tells Earl that without his family, he's nothing, and asks Earl to eat him. Earl can't go through with it, and Rizzik says he won't forget it. When Earl comes back to work to ask Richfield for his severance pay, it's revealed that Rizzik, as Richfield's new personal assistant, not only got Earl his job back, but also put him down for a slight raise in salary, as a thank-you.
  • In a bittersweet way, in "Refrigerator Day", after feeling he's ruined the holiday for the Baby, Earl hands him a frying pan so he can hit him on the head, but Baby refuses, saying that it's getting old. When Earl then complains that his own son won't hit him over the head, Ethyl gladly hits Earl with a stick, saying "I'll always be there for you!"
  • When Baby hatches in the first episode and is introduced to Earl. Rather than hit him, he holds out his arms to hug him, sweetly saying "Daddy".
  • Spike shows an unusual amount of concern for Robbie's well-being in "Steroid to Heaven", actively trying to discourage him from taking the episode's featured steroid-like substance. When Robbie does so anyway and starts becoming aggressive, Spike immobilizes him and stays with him throughout the night as the drug wears off. He spends most of the next morning yelling at Robbie to aggravate his headache, but it's still a demonstration that Spike's heart is in the right place.
  • In "Charlene's Amazing Humans", Baby tattles on the eponymous humans for begging for food, and Fran tells him not to feed them because they're only allowed to eat after they perform. Baby promptly gives them his banana. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be so heartwarming, as doing the opposite of what he's told purely out of spite is a common thing for Baby to do, but not in this case. He is visibly appalled to discover that Charlene doesn't feed the humans, so he's clearly doing it for their sake, even calling out for them to share as they scramble for it.
  • After Earl takes Ethyl to her high school reunion, the two of them squabbling all the while, they reach the high school only to discover that Ethyl is the only member of her graduating class who is still alive. Ethyl is devastated, but Earl comforts her, and when they get home it's clear that the two of them are on better terms and consider each other valued family members. Crosses over with Funny Moments when the rest of the family have trouble grasping this notion.
  • The ending of "Earl, Don't Be a Hero", when Baby is playing with the Captain Impressive action figure and calling it "Captain Daddy".