Heartwarming: Dinosaurs

  • When Earl's sister, Pearl, a country singer, shows up and the two of them sing together at the end of the episode. It's really very sweet.
  • Earl's speech to Robbie at the end of the two-part "Nuts to War" episodes.
    • Baby spending the two episodes in a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner battle with a Cookie Creature, only for him to discover that the creature is only stealing to feed his little ones and Baby lets them have the cookie. Considering that Baby is kind of selfish this speaks volumes.
  • The episode, The Golden Child can be summed up in one word: "Daddy."
  • The end of Endangered Species.
  • In "The Mighty Megalosaurus," Earl meets Arthur Rizzik, who narrowly escaped being dinner earlier and whose family left him after Earl pushed over his tree. Rizzik tells Earl that without his family, he's nothing, and asks Earl to eat him. Earl can't go through with it, and Rizzik says he won't forget it. When Earl comes back to work to ask Richfield for his severance pay, it's revealed that Rizzik, as Richfield's new personal assistant, not only got Earl his job back, but also put him down for a slight raise in salary, as a thank-you.
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