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Nightmare Fuel: Dirty Jobs
  • The DECOMP LAB's forensic entomology body farm. They study how pig carcasses decay and how maggots feed in, umm, various conditions. Like being crammed into a trash barrel, rolled up in a blanket, and tossed in a dumpster.
    • One of the instructors for the DECOMP Lab was on the John Wayne Gacy case and helped analyze the nearly three-dozen bodies recovered from Gacy's property.
  • If you look closely when Mike's butchering the freshly killed steer you'll notice its muscles are still twitching.
  • That frigging hide-softening machine at the tannery, which looked like a possessed staple claw on steroids. Almost every single one of the tannery's machines is capable of doing gruesome damage to a person, but the "staker" is the one that Mike seemed the most terrified by, for good reason.
    • And speaking of the tannery... two words: Liquid. Hair.
    • And still on that subject, there's also the refuse left behind by the de-fleshing machine, which Mike described with horrible accuracy as "a pile of gelatinous deer."

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