Nightmare Fuel / Dirty Jobs

  • The DECOMP LAB's forensic entomology body farm. They study how pig carcasses decay and how maggots feed in, umm, various conditions. Like being crammed into a trash barrel, rolled up in a blanket, and tossed in a dumpster. The garbage-can pig had become a cube, and the maggots in the dumpster not only separated the pig's head from its body but carried it all the way across the dumpster.
    • One of the instructors for the DECOMP Lab was on the John Wayne Gacy case and helped analyze the nearly three-dozen bodies recovered from Gacy's property.
  • If you look closely when Mike's butchering the freshly killed steer you'll notice its muscles are still twitching.
  • Some have claimed to be thrown off by the barnacles on the buoy...
  • That frigging hide-softening machine at the tannery, which looked like a possessed staple claw on steroids. Almost every single one of the tannery's machines is capable of doing gruesome damage to a person, but the "staker" is the one that Mike seemed the most terrified by, for good reason.
    • And speaking of the tannery... two words: Liquid. Hair.
    • And still on that subject, there's also the refuse left behind by the de-fleshing machine, which Mike described with horrible accuracy as "a pile of gelatinous deer."
  • Dirty Jobs Down Under: one of the jobs was catching the brown snake, one of the top ten deadliest. You get bitten, you have fourteen minutes to rush to the hospital before you die. On the wall in the Snake-Away guy's house is a newspaper article about a father dying by one of these snakes. The baby snakes travel in twos and threes, and if they bite they will not stop pumping venom, potentially killing you faster. The snakes can be found in pools and houses; one snake was found in a pantry, and the woman whose house they went into had been about to go in there to make dinne). Scared yet? Here's the worst part... the snake is a protected species. You cannot kill it, and the snake catcher is required by law to release it back into the wild somewhere nearby!