Heartwarming: David Bowie

  • ""Heroes"", a beautiful, uplifting song.
    • The David Bowie Is museum retrospective climaxes in a room in which concert performances of his are projected on as many as three walls at once (visitors wear special headphones and the music changes to fit the wall they are in viewing proximity to). One stretch features three different performances of this song, one for each wall: his 1985 Live Aid performance, his 2000 Glastonbury Festival performance, and his 2001 Concert for New York City performance. Seeing all the happy concertgoers at each venue, and knowing that two of these performances were part of charity benefits, stands as heartwarming proof of the song's endurance.
  • Bowie paid for the education of his godson Rolan Bolan — son of Marc — after Marc's death, a fact that wasn't known publicly for decades.
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