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Awesome Music: David Bowie
  • "Space Oddity", his first hit.
  • "Cygnet Committee". Epic Rocking at its best, in 1969.
  • "Life on Mars?", "Oh You Pretty Things", "Changes", and ""Rebel Rebel" all warrant your attention.
  • The entire Ziggy Stardust era! The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is the most crowning music achievement of ALL TIME!
  • "The Man Who Sold The World" is powerful and sends chills down one's spine (in the best way).
  • "Rock'n'Roll Suicide" is phenomenal even by Bowie's standards.
    • So is this rendition of "Ashes to Ashes". Made even more awesome by a few things: the absolutely bitchin' guitar solo (one guy on rhythm AND bass simultaneously) that dominates the last half of the song. And the fact that, on a call-in/request concert, this was the song requested by a 5-year old boy. Yeah. Get 'em started early.
    • "Lady Grinning Soul". Bowie meets Bond, complete with epic piano solo intro performed by Mike Garson.
  • "Fame". Funk-tacular.
  • Bowie isn't particularly well-known for his love songs...but he has his moments.
  • "Let's Dance". When Bowie gives an order, the world listens. According to the official book chronicling the Serious Moonlight Tour, when the song became a hit women all over Europe bought red shoes, causing shortages in stores, so they could be ready for dancing!
  • Watch this performance of "Modern Love". Bowie's sheer exuberance is electrifying.
  • Much of Bowie's post-Scary Monsters output in The Eighties is dismissed, but there's gorgeous stuff there too. In particular, "Blue Jean" and "Underground" can leave you dizzy with delight.
  • The smooth, jazzy sound of "Bring Me The Disco King" is just wonderful.
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