!!Disney's ''Disney/{{Cinderella}}''
* The main title theme.
* The king's IWantGrandkids motivation. D'awwwww. The dream he has after the ball of playing with his grandkids, who have Cinderella's hair, really sells it as very cute.
* The scene with Fairy Godmother.
* "So This is Love".
* When Cinderella realizes it's midnight and tries to leave, she tells the Prince she's rushing because she hasn't met the Prince yet. She actually had no idea she was dancing with said prince and fell in love with him, and that's one of the reasons why Prince Charming fell for her. She spent all that time with him because of ''him'', not that he was the prince.
* In a deleted scene, Prince Charming is seen apparently hunting a deer, but it turns out they were friends and playing a game together.
* All the animals come to Cinderella's aid by getting the key to unlock her door and get her to the Grand Duke before it's too late.
* When Cinderella makes it downstairs just in time, it's very sweet to see the Duke kindly greeting her and giving her a chance at the slipper, even though Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters insist she's "just Cinderella" and couldn't possibly be the right girl. After a movie of Cinderella being ignored and treated horribly, it's very nice to see.
* In another deleted scene, Prince Charming is reintroduced to Cinderella after she fits the slipper. While surprised that she's a servant girl, he accepts her immediately as his princess.
* The TriumphantReprise of "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" after Cinderella marries Prince Charming.

!!Rodgers' and Hammerstein's ''Film/{{Cinderella}}''
!!!1997 Version
* The "Lovely Night" scene, as it's the only one where Cinderella, The Stepsisters, and even the Stepmother seem to all actually get along. Cinderella regales the sisters with how magical the ball felt (under the pretense that that's how she "imagines" it would feel) and the two don't hesitate to get swept up in the idea, both taking turns dancing with her and then with each other. Then their mother ''joins in herself'' and for a moment gives all three of them a genuinely affectionate smile before [[MoodWhiplash realizing what Cinderella's actually implying and shutting the whole thing down.]]. It really makes one wonder if they could've been a decent family together had the Stepmother just gotten over her man-issues.
!!!2013 Version
* The interactions between Ella and [[spoiler:Gabrielle]] in the second act after [[spoiler:Gabrielle realizes Ella attended the ball.]] They even address each other as sisters.