Heartwarming: Captain America

  • There was Captain America Vol. 1, #301 when Cap was still artificially aged as an eighty year old, seemingly doomed to remain that way. However, the Avengers try to change Cap back in a special treatment chamber when Mother Superior and the Sisters of Sin try to interfere and kill him inside. When the heroes finally enter the chamber themselves to save Cap, they find the Sisters reduced to toddlers, and, in a final splash panel, a youthful Steve Rogers standing grateful with Bernie, his full vitality restored for his new adventures to come as the renewed Sentinel of Liberty.
  • In issue #50 of Ed Brubaker's run, after looking back at how life has seemingly passed him by and how he hasn't had a proper birthday with the high-risk life he's led, Bucky is greeted by Black Widow and the rest of the New Avengers with the first birthday party he's had in over sixty years.
  • Cap's return in Reborn sees his reunion with Bucky, whom he hadn't had really got a chance to talk with ever since he was de-brainwashed.
    • Which soon enough, turns into a Moment Of Awesome, with the two Captains America charging into battle.
    • And later, his exchange with Sharon. Few words, yet so much sweet.
    God, you're beautiful.
    Well, thanks, mister.
  • Cap and Fury meet up in Arlington cemetery. Cap notices the statue that erected in his memory back when he was dead.
    Steve: They should take that thing down.
    Fury: They should raise it higher.
  • In Captain America Volume 3, Issue 27, Nick Fury, by way of thanks and apology, comes over to Steve's place to give him a present - CDs of Steve's childhood favorite radio show, The Midnight Racer. The look of awed childlike pleasure and astonishment on his face at regaining a little bit of his life before that he thought was lost forever is both bittersweet and utterly heartwarming.
  • Towards the end of the first volume of New Avengers, Steve had just came back to life. Ms. Marvel didn't believe it was really him, so he whispered something to her at length. Cue Glomp.
  • Cap's "American Reality" speech from Captain America #7 (Volume 3) is probably Cap at his speechifying best. The man just has a way with words.
  • The mere fact that Captain America is one of the few humans that Namor actually respects.
  • Captain America #270 - June 1982. Cap's support of his gay friend Arnie is incredibly sweet, and it becomes downright awesome when he de-brainwashes Arnie and frees him from the Red Skull via basically a You Are Not Alone speech.
    Cap: “You are not a freak! You are as good and decent a man as I’ve ever known! They can’t corrupt your love for Michael with their lies… They’re the disease!”
  • Shortly after the 9/11 attacks there was a throw-away scene in a story that was completely unrelated in which Captain America witnesses a horde of teenagers chasing an obviously Muslim man down the street, yelling epithets and making threats the entire time while the man protests that he was born in the US and is a patriotic citizen. Cap drops down between them and gentle pushes the man behind him. And then he doesn't say a freaking word! The look on his face as he stares down these boys is enough to tell them, and people who act like them, that Captain America is very, very disappointed in them. It was enough to disperse the gang. And then Cap escorted the man home.
  • In the 'Castaway in Dimension Z' storyline, his whole interaction with Ian his adopted son.
  • During the Winter Soldier story line, Fury sends Falcon to Cap... because Steve needed a friend. And while Sam isn't initially keen on the idea of Bucky taking over as Captain America, by the end of his tenure, Bucky considers Sam his best friend.
  • When Steve announces the new Captain America to the Avengers, he refers to Sam as "a man whom I love with all my heart."
  • Steve losing the super-serum looks like the last note of a long Trauma Conga Line, but it ends up being the point where things get better for him. He finds out shortly after that not only are Ian and Sharon both still alive, after he'd believed that Sharon killed Ian and then sacrificed herself, but they somehow found each other. When we last saw them, Sharon believed that Ian was some kind of mind control vision Zola inflicted on Steve. When we see them again, Ian reveals that Sharon raised him after Steve escaped Dimension Z and he calls her "Mom."