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Heartwarming: Caprica
  • Although any kind of real companionship is doomed to failure and the scene in question was cheesey as hell, the cylon dance scene from "Gravedancing" was this... managing to both be completely awkward and completely heartwarming.
    • It is. Zoe later kills Philo.

  • Adama's secretary. Her name is Evelyn. She's Bill's mother.

  • Just the fact that, despite the mob work he does and everything they both go through (especially Sam), in the future Sam and his husband are shown to still be together- Sam being the only member of his family in the entire continuity to remain Happily Married.

  • Also in "Reigns of a Waterfall", Daniel finds Amanda with a cut over her eyebrow, and he walks in sporting a similar cut. She tends to him, and when it's his turn, she avoids it. She cites her reason as: "I know you, I'd end up with my nose glued to my ear!" to which Daniel only responds, with the warmest smile imaginable, "Could be interesting."
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