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Heartwarming: Borderlands
  • On November 5th, 2011, Gearbox made a tribute audio file to a young fan who had passed away due to cancer. Claptrap breaks character to deliver a very heartfelt message which can be heard here.
    • It gets better. At the Q&A at Gearbox's Community day in 2012, they announced how they were going to include Michael John Mamaril in Borderlands 2. He will be an NPC in Sanctuary, who will give you loot (blue or rarer) when you find him, ensuring the player always has someone to go to for help. And to drive the point home, when you find Michael and get an item from him, you get an achievement called "Tribute to a Vault Hunter". It really goes to show how much Gearbox cares about their fans. You can hear it here at the 1:19:20 mark.
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