Heartwarming / Bone

  • Fone Bone and Thorn hugging each other while in prison and again at the end of the series.
  • Fone Bone accidentally blurting out his feelings to Thorn when he's rescuing her from the Hooded One.
    • Thorn playfully teasing him about it during the escape is actually kinda sweet, too.
    Thorn: "Messin' with your girl", huh?
    Fone Bone: (embarrassed) Oh jeez...
  • "Dear Thorn, I know that I am short, bald and have a big nose, but I like you a lot! Signed, a secret admirer xxxooo."
  • Bartleby's first appearance. Heck, most of the scenes involving Bartleby, especially when he's with Smiley.
    • Of particular note is Smiley's expression when he, Phoney, and Gran'ma Ben are backed up against a wall by a herd of Rat Creatures, with no hope of escape, and one of them sits up on his hind legs (exposing his uncropped ears) and tilts his head in recognition.
    • From Treasure Hunters:
    Smiley: You know Bartleby, I never had a pal like you before.
    Bartleby: Me either!
  • Bone making a quiche and giving it to the rat creatures in celebration of the Winter Solstice. "Peace on Earth, fellas!"
  • Anything Phoney did early on that showed that he really did care about Fone Bone and Smiley.
    Phoney: You can blame me all you want, pal, but you watch your mouth when your talking about my cousins!
    • He also shows this later near the end, when Gran'ma Ben offers him a chance to go home via a shortcut tunnel. Phoney's response?
    Phoney: I'm sorry, I... I can't leave without my cousins.
    • Then, when Phoney is arguing with Fone toward the end, when Fone wants to stay with Thorn but Phoney wants him to return to Boneville...
    Smiley: Phoncible P. Bone, you are going to support your cousin no matter what decision he makes because you love him.
    Phoney: ... (Sighs in resignation and acceptance.)
  • In spite of what Briar turned out to really be, there was something so sweet about gruff, grumpy Lucius talking about the girl he very nearly married.
    Smiley: You ever been married?
    Lucius: No.
    Lucius: I almost got married once.
    Smiley: Really?!
    Lucius: It was a long time ago... She was a beautiful woman... Th' most beautiful woman in th' whole valley... (smiles) We were in love, and we courted, a lot of folks thought we were gonna get hitched...
    Smiley: So what happened? Why didn't you get married?
    Lucius: (No longer smiling) She didn't want to.