Heartwarming: Blue Bloods

  • Early in Season One, Henry visits Frank for lunch and remarks that Frank would have more firepower if he swapped his revolver for an automatic. Frank's response? "I like wearing your gun, Pop." The look on Henry's face is priceless.
    • Added to when Frank adds that it was his grandfather's gun, which means that said weapon has been handed down for three generations in the Reagan family.
  • In S02E19, Jamie saves a baby from a burning building. There's a strong drive to award him for his heroism, but that means that his undercover assignment will be blown and his life will be in danger. Frank asks Renzulli to accept, and pretend that he was the hero. While Renzulli is pissed that Jamie didn't tell him, he accepts.
    • And then Frank gives Jamie a ribbon for his uniform's party salad in private.
  • First episode of season three "Family Business," Frank talks down a cop with a gun to his own head in one of the most powerful moments of the show.
    Officer Blake: ...What are you doing here?
    • Also of note is why the officer is holding a gun to his own head; he reflexively shot and killed an unarmed and innocent man, and the guilt he felt over this nearly drove him to take his own life.
  • Season 4 episode "Drawing Dead," like "Family Business" above, deals with the aftermath of an officer shooting someone, in this case a 14 year old boy who was trying to escape from a shootout with the police he and his buddies were in. The officer saw him holding a weapon, but none was found at the scene. When we see the officer later on, it's abundantly obvious he's been crying his eyes out and the possibility he killed an innocent boy is tearing him apart. It's such a clear demonstration of how much he cares about helping people as a cop that the audience will breathe a sigh of relief when he's finally exonerated.
  • In "Mistaken Identity", while investigating a hate crime against a mosque Danny remarks that he doesn't know why Muslims choose to live in the United States, but "the sign on the door says everyone's welcome so we gotta back that up, partner." Worth noting, Danny was in the Marines during the Iraq War.