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YMMV: Blue Bloods
  • Complete Monster:
    • Dick Reed, the Serial Killer/rapist in "Re-Do", is a thoroughly misogynist Smug Snake ("She lies. They all lie, " regarding the victim who escaped and got him caught) who gets his conviction overturned because a lab tech screwed up the protocols. He shows zero remorse and no redeemable qualities and finally attempts to perform his usual MO on Erin Reagan, the ADA who convicted him. This backfires fatally. Toby Leonard Moore's performance is so good that it's also the show's first major dose of Nightmare Fuel.
    • Yuri Denko, an arms dealer whom Erin prosecutes in "Working Girls", is a cold-blooded sadist who has no problem executing a man's wife in front of him in their living room over a business dispute. He then threatens the man's children in a courtroom outburst to scare him into not testifying, then has him killed after the threats scare him into running. He puts out a hit on the surviving witness, hounding her mercilessly, and went after her grandma back in Russia, too (the FSB got there first and protected her).
  • Critical Research Failure: At the beginning of "Hall of Mirrors", there is a cricket game being played in Central Park with remarkable accuracy, except that there aren't any wickets. It's funny as hell.
  • Drinking Game: Take a drink whenever someone runs as soon as they see a cop, or whenever you see an actor from The Wire.
  • Like You Would Really Do It:
    • Frank is shot at the beginning of "Dedication" in a drive by. He lives.
    • Via creative editing and judicious use of a Stock Sound Effect, the trailers for the season 3 premiere made a valiant effort to convince us that the Criminal of the Week would blow up Danny and Jackie. He didn't.

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