Funny: Blue Bloods

  • Jack Boyle, Erin's ex, wonders why she still has her married name on her office door. Erin says it's the same reason people who've lost weight keep a before picture. Burn.
  • On one of Jamie's earlier patrols when he's partnered with Sergeant Renzulli, they have to deal with a woman on the sidewalk telling the neighborhood through a bullhorn that her husband is a pig and actually having a giant inflatable pig (named Penelope no less). After they take it down she shows up later in the episode, this time with a sign and a gigantic live hog. The cops' reactions are equal parts amusement and sheer WTF.
  • Jamie is working undercover at a Mafia-run business, and smuggled out a flash drive with files that could implicate them in criminal activity by swallowing it when some thugs rough him up looking for it. He's still black and blue when he sits down for Sunday dinner with the family. After a few minutes the rest of the adults start listing the various times Jamie swallowed things when he was a kid.
  • Henry Reagan, the fine, upstanding retired patriarch of the Reagan family, juicing a downhill derby car for not one, not two, not three, but four of his family's generations... all because he got grounded when he was seven. The only thing that tops this is Frank and Jamie sneaking in to the garage at night to, in Frank's words, "level the playing field." What really sells all this is how the entire thing is played just as seriously as any other Blue Bloods subplot.
  • In the episode where Jamie shoots a guy with a gun pulled (and later turns out to have been looking for Suicide by Cop), a particularly obnoxious reporter taunts Frank about why Jamie didn't try a non-lethal alternative. Frank responds by asking the reporter what he would do if he were in just such a Mexican Standoff:
    Reporter: (Rolls eyes with a smirk) Well, first of all—
    Frank: Too late, you're dead.
  • The entire "drag queen" episode is hilariously awkward from start to finish, especially the gags involving man's-man Danny being a fan of the reality show in question....