Awesome: Blue Bloods

  • In the episode "Re-do" when Frank rescues Erin and said "Take your hands off my daughter." The villain taunts him and tries to invoke Put Down Your Gun and Step Away ; Frank's response is to shoot him in the head. Made more awesome when you remember that he was using an old .38 Special revolver that was the ancestral weapon of the Reagan family - a weapon older than he is.
  • In the episode "Smack Attack" when Jamie rushes into the party and gives CPR to the dying teenager.
  • In the episode "After Hours", where the owner of a club is trying to seduce Danny. "Was that your wife?" she says. "Yeah..." "What does she have that I don't?" "Me." Way to pull a Gibbs-style 'functional mute'!
  • Nikki's Chinese fortune cookie says, "You will meet a tall dark stranger". Nikki's mom says, "No, you won't". Nikki's grandfather adds, "Not while I have thousands of armed men at my disposal."
  • In the episode "Family Business", an officer who reflexively shot an unarmed man has become suicidal out of guilt, and Frank resolves the situation in one of the most powerful moments in the show. This is a scene made awesome specifically because of how heartwarming it is.
  • The final part of "This Way Out", as Frank makes a rare show of force, with the NYPD patrol cops, ESU and detectives sweeping the Bitterman Projects and clearing out the gang-bangers to thunderous applause and cheers from everyone else living there.
  • After an assassination attempt on Frank failed in "Dedications", he's recuperating in the hospital, with his family staying the entire night. The awesome part goes to Henry: 1). Carrying and concealing a gun so if another attempt is made on his son, he'll be there to stop it and 2). He, the oldest member of the family, stays up the entire night just in case it does happen.
  • In "Devil's Breath", Erin manages to stop Nikki and her friends/followers from getting suspended by explaining to their principal that they are under protection of the First Amendment and are not actually causing a disturbance since they aren't on the school's property.
  • Eddie arresting her would-be rapist in "The Truth About Lying".