Heartwarming / Black Bullet

  • In episode 3:
    • Enju being reunited with Rentaro at the school she attends. A bit of a Tear Jerker because she's also confronted by her former friends as well.
    • After Enju kicks the crap out of a Gastrea, she approached Rentaro breaking down tears wondering about herself. Rentaro tells her that no matter how much the world rejects her, he'll always be at her side.
      • Not only that, Enju still thinks about her former classmates when beating that Gastrea up because she loves her classmates so much despite her classmates distrusting her now that her cursed child status became public knowledge.
  • Tina Sprout sparing Enju's life despite brutally injuring her kinda shows that she still have some humanity inside of her heart. What's even more heartwarming is that she is later forgiven by the very people she tried to kill earlier and later joined the Tendo Civil Security Company.
  • Episode 8 has many heartwarming moments such as Rentaro's day with Tina, and Rentaro and Kisara starting a school for cursed children note . Perhap the most heartwarming scene is when Rentaro gave a blind cursed child a couple hundred yen to ease her suffering.
    • Really, any moments between Tina and Rentaro is considered this in addition to crowning moment of funny.
  • The ending of the final episode of the anime. As Enju ponders over the deaths of their comrades, Rentaro breaks down in tears and becomes very worried about losing Enju. The anime ends with Rentaro and Enju tearfully embracing each other and Enju promising to be by Rentaro's side forever.