Heartwarming / Ben-To

  • The hug between Ayame and Yo at the end of Episode 4. One cousin comforting another with a sweet hug after a frustrating defeat. Made funny by Yo's hesitation due to his Chivalrous Pervert tendencies.
  • Sen apologizing for throwing Satou's Saturn out the window in episode 8 and offering to split a meal with him. Coming from her, that means a lot.
  • In episode 12, Sen is sick in bed for reasons that may or may not have to do with her getting curb stomped by Orthros recently. Satou's spent most of the last episode fantasizing about ways he may be able to take advantage of the situation, but when Sen falls asleep, all he does is gently put the wet towel on her head and leave a note promising to get an incredibly sought-after bento for her and saying sick people have the right to be pampered. It's easily one of the sweetest moments in the show.