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    The Whole Series 
  • The song Someone to Love You Forever. Taken Up to Eleven in Barney Live in Concert: Birthday Bash, notably for one who watched the series as a kid.
    • Here's the song in the cd album. This troper had just heard it for the first time and now I can't stop crying.
  • Everyone is Special, which describes that being yourself is wonderful, fills the same niche as Someone to Love You Forever, but in a more upbeat tempo.
    • And if you want a slower version, here's the the lullaby version that Barney sings to two beautiful twins. This is real touching and is one of the best season finales the show had to offer.
  • For people the song doesn't annoy, I Love You is a heartwarming song.
    • If that wasn't enough, sometimes, just before leaving, a child will take a moment alone with Barney to thank him for his help, or to just be affectionate with him.
  • The song It's Good To Be Home.
  • The Sister Song, notably sung by Luci and Tina, and said characters' relationship as loving sisters in general.

    The Backyard Gang 
  • Barney's big speech in the end of Barney in Concert. He talks about how having such good friends is like having a big family. Awwwww.
  • In "Waiting for Santa", after the Backyard Gang reaches Santa's workshop, Derek rushes to remove his coat and helps Tina with hers.
  • The song Friends Are Forever. This song is sung by Michael and Amy's mother and the song is about how friendships will last forever, when they're make-believe. This is a heartwarming/tearjerker song because it portrays the almost sad idea that a friend might and eventually will leave. That's why imagination and pretend is so important because your make-believe friends will last forever.
  • Almost any moment with Tina and Barney in A Day at the Beach. After Barney introduces himself in song, he gently invites Tina for a hug, to which she shyly obliges.
    • Also, the ending scene when the kids return to the backyard and Tina is the last to say goodbye to Barney.

    Season One 
  • In the episode "Be a Friend", Derek and Michael spend a whole episode arguing over who gets to keep a picture they made together. They bury the hatchet, and give it to Tosha.
  • My Family's Right For Me. The entire episode.
  • In the episode "Playing It Safe", Barney accidentally hurts his tail, upon slipping on a toy car. At the end of the episode, when all the kids leave after "I Love You" and Barney turns back into a doll, Derek comes back to put a band-aid on his tail. As a sign of gratitude, hearts come out of Barney's tail (instead of the usual wink) after Derek leaves.
  • At the end of ''What's That Shadow?", Barney helps Shawn overcome his fear of dogs when he meets Min's puppy.
  • When she doesn't know what to give Barney for his birthday, Kathy offers him her teddy bear. He gently declines the gift, telling Kathy that while presents are nice, she already gave Barney the best gift of all: "the gift of love."
  • In the episode "When I Grow Up...", Shawn fears about growing up and having a job until Barney and the kids show him all the different and fun future careers. What makes this episode the most touching and memorable is the ending: Shawn is no longer scared of being an adult, but now he only has one fear: that he can't be friends with Barney anymore when he grows up. The purple dino gently reassures him otherwise, claiming that no matter how big Shawn gets, they'll always be friends "forever and ever".
    Shawn: And maybe someday, I'll be even bigger than Barney!
    Barney: *laughs* You never know!
  • The season finale "Everyone is Special" has Barney reveal a surprise he got in the mail, one that can show the most special people in the world. It's a mirror.

    Season Two 
  • At the end of "Grandparents are Grand", Tina is feeling sad because she misses her grandfather, whom she can never see much because he lives far away in Mexico. Derek, Min and Kathy suggest that she can feel better by talking to him by phone, or by sending him letters and pictures. Derek's Granddad also comforts her, pointing out that even if grandparents can't see you a lot, it doesn't stop them from loving you. This is followed with the song "No Matter Where They Are", during which Tina and Min sit with their arms around each other, and Kathy and Derek are hugged by their respective grandparents.
  • This exchange at the end of "The Alphabet Zoo":
    Shawn: Jason, can you teach us how to say something else by signing?
    Jason: Sure, and here's one that's easy to do, and you can say it to very special friends, like Barney.
    * Signs "I love you, Barney" and gives him a hug*
    Barney: Aw! *signing* Thank you, Jason.
    Shawn: What did you say, Jason?
    Jason: I said,*signing* "I love you, Barney."
  • Luci's guest appearance in "The Exercise Circus"
  • At the end of "Red, Blue & Circles Too!" Barney blows a kiss onto Tina's cast right before the groups sings "I Love You", and Tina thanks him.
  • This exchange, near the end of "An Adventure in Make Believe":
    BJ: (disappointed) Well, if this was all just a game of pretend, then I really didn't have to help the princess [Baby Bop] find her way home.
    Baby Bop: Oh, yes you did. I can't walk home without my big, brave brother.
    Barney and kids: Awww!
    BJ: Big and brave? Me? Really? Aw, thanks, sissy!
    Baby Bop: *giggles*
  • A Very Special Delivery. The entire episode.

    Season Three 
  • "On the Move": The entire episode, especially when Derek and Tina (who left the show after the previous season) come back for a visit. It gets even more heartwarming, when Barney and the gang give them their going-away gift, which turns out to be a scrapbook, containing photos from season 2. This counts especially as both this and a TearJerker, when you realize that this is their very last appearance on the show.
    • Also, the subplot involving the new kid Kenneth becoming fast friends with BJ. Later, at the end of the episode, the group takes one last photograph with Derek and Tina, and Barney gives the photo to Kenneth to include in the memory book his new friends had made for him.
  • "A Welcome Home": The entire episode.

    Season Four 
  • In "Waiting for Mr. MacRooney", Robert is waiting for Mr. MacRooney, the mail carrier, to arrive. His cousin, Mateo, has promised him a special surprise and, in the past, it has always come by mail. When Mr. MacRooney arrives, he has something for everyone but Robert. Luckily, Robert is happily surprised when his cousin Mateo shows up in person for a visit.

    Season Five 
  • "What's in a Name?" Even though Chip is obviously concerned that he will miss his baseball game, he offers to help her to learn all of the letters in her name.
    Linda: Thank you, Barney. And thanks, Chip, for helping me today.
    Chip: Hey, what are big brothers for?
    • As they leave, the look on Chip's face says "I am so proud of her", and the look on Linda's face says "I have the greatest big brother in the world!"

    Season Six 

    Season Seven 

    Season Eight 

    Season Nine 

    Season Ten 

    Season Eleven 

    Season Twelve 

    Season Thirteen 

    Barney's Great Adventure 
  • Cody admitting that Barney's a pretty cool guy in the end
    • And then hugging it out like men.
  • As in the TV series, I Love You is a heartwarming moment, where the main cast (Barney, the little dinos, the kids and their grandparents) all come together for one last song.
    Other Media 
  • From Sing and Dance With Barney:
    Michael: We think you're a Super Dee Duper friend to all of us, too, Barney.
    Linda: That's right!
    Michael: From the oldest...
    Linda: ...To the youngest!
    All Present (except Barney): You can always count on us!
    • It helps that it leads into You Can Count on Me, this time being sung by everyone except Barney (He sung it earlier).
    • Kathy (as a teen) and Linda's duet of Me and My Teddy (known to be Kathy's trademark song) in the same video. It was like a passing of the Moe torch.