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Fridge: Barney & Friends
Fridge Horror
  • Barney is a large, stupidly cheerful Tyrannosaurus Rex whose band of special friends changes every year. T. Rex is a voracious predator. Did Barney manage to figure out the perfect camouflage to remain beneath suspicion as he gobbles down a bunch of school-aged children each year?
Fridge Logic
  • In the second "Barney and the Backyard Gang" video, the kids make believe they're traveling to various destinations, with Barney's help, such as a park, the moon, and a petting zoo. When they arrive at the park, Jason complains about wanting to see animals, so Barney transports him to a petting zoo. This is problematic since the kids are really just in their backyard the whole time pretending their in other places. So... where did Jason go during this time?

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