Heartwarming / Balto

  • The moment Balto sees Jenna's aurora beacon guiding his team home and lets out a triumphant howl, knowing he's made it back in time.
    "You said it!"
    "...I did?"
    (Kaltag smiles at Star)
  • Boris trying to convince Balto not to go after the missing sled team all alone: "Who's going to tell you how cold you are?"
    • And Boris saying the film's Arc Words: "Let me tell you something, Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone. But, maybe a wolf can."
    • Balto heading off to try for a position on the dog sled team.
    Balto: Wish me luck!
    Boris: Luck? I don't wish you luck! I wish you sense! (Pause, quietly.) Good luck, kiddo.
  • Jenna lying on the sick Rosy's bed, comforting her.
  • Sylvie telling Jenna and Dixie she heard a rumour that Jenna's dating Balto, the town outcast. Jenna's response is basically, "Yeah, I am. (You got a problem with that?)" Given how much the other dogs ostracize Balto, this is quite sweet of her.
    • Specifically, Sylvie says that Jenna is "running with Balto", which is a bit of a Genius Bonus; Jack London was partial to the term as a kind of euphemism for dogs mating. Sylvie is straight up accusing Jenna of having sex with Balto and her response is still "yeah, so?"
  • It's a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but when the team nearly goes over a cliff, they're saved by Balto getting his teeth around a thin little sapling tree sticking out of the snow. On the way back up, he quickly pats it back down into place.
  • The end of the first film counts as this. After everything he's had to endure, Balto finally gets the reward he deserves.
  • The flashback sequences of Balto bonding with his pups in both of the sequels are pretty touching as well. Wings of Change in particular shows Balto helping Kodi out as a pup when the little guy kept getting left behind by his siblings.
  • Balto and Aleu making amends at the end of Wolf Quest, assuring each other that while this is goodbye, they will never forget one another. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • On a similar note, there's also Kodi coming to Balto's aid in the climax of Wings of Change. Initially, Balto is the only one wanting to help the pilot after he crashes, as Kodi and the other sled dogs were willing to let him die so he wouldn't take their jobs. However, Kodi has a change of heart following a What the Hell, Hero? speech from his mother and manages to convince the team to help his father save the very man that threatens their job. It is particularly heartwarming as Balto is about to slide off a crumbling ledge, only to be then caught and saved by his son.