Heartwarming / Another Gay Movie

  • At the climax where Griff runs in on Jarod and his fling (starting the scene off as a Funny Moment) he eventually confesses his love. It ends in possibly the sweetest line in the whole movie:
    Beau: Are we gonna fuck or what?
    Jarod: I'm sorry. I didn't realise... (beat)... that I had a boyfriend.
    • Cue a cute squee and a glomp from Griff onto Jarod.
    • Also later when the two wake up in each others' arms, Jarod kisses Griff awake on the cheek and Griff thanks god that it wasn't all a dream.
  • The scene where Andy finds out his father is a bisexual starts out heartwarming, when he said Andy gave him the courage to accept that part of himself.