Trivia / Another Gay Movie

  • Actor Allusion: Stephanie McVay reprises her role from Edge of Seventeen, and the coming-out scene is almost identical until the comedic twist. Writer and director Todd Stephens also wrote Edge of Seventeen. Not to mention the poster of Edge of Seventeen in the video shop.
  • As Himself: Richard Hatch in the original, Perez Hilton in the sequel.
  • Dawson Casting: About as much as one might expect in order to legally depict teen sexuality, but especially notable is Nico, whose actor was nearly 30 at the time of filming yet still looks age-appropriate for a high-school graduate.
  • The Other Darrin: Three of the main actors were replaced for the second movie; lampshaded by Nico's mom, lamenting that the actors didn't want people to think they were gay.