Trivia: Another Gay Movie

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Graham Norton features as the teacher with a BDSM dungeon, and is shown to have a 2 foot long penis and a scatalogical fetish... yeah.
  • The Other Darrin: Three of the main actors were replaced for the second movie; lampshaded by Nico's mom, lamenting that the actors didn't want people to think they were gay.
    • While this may have a grain of truth to it, some of the reviews for the second movie remarked that the original actors' agents more likely took a look at the script and felt that the actors' careers wouldn't exactly benefit from such an inferior sequel.
      • And the actor playing Nico was also credited as an executive producer in the first film, so he was most likely contractually obliged to resume the role in the sequel and/or may have partially financed the production. Either way, this would force him to be available to perform a reprise of his character in the sequel too, while his co-stars from the original film had no such obligations.