Heartwarming / American Horror Story: Murder House

  • Tate trying to save Violet's life during episode 6. At the end of the episode, he tells her that he loves her and that he will leave her alone, if that's what she wants. It's not. The episode ends with her holding him, like he'd held her earlier.
    • Takes on a whole new light with the reveal that he failed to save her.
  • In the season finale, all the Harmons reuniting as ghosts. Especially when they're putting up a Christmas tree. Bonus points that it seems Moira is now a part of the family.
    • Case and point: During the scene where the new couple is making out and about to have sex on the table, Ben and Vivien compliment how they remind them of themselves, before holding hands.
    • On that note, Vivien asking Moira to be her newborn's godmother.
  • Violet giving Addy a makeover in "Halloween".
    • After that, Constance giving Addy a mask so she can go out on Halloween without makeup. They actually share a gentle moment.
  • Travis and Harvey's dead family after Travis died and was trapped in the house. He seems to generally care for the kids and plays games with them. Constance was right about him being a good father.
    • Travis in general is this. He's this goofy guy who had fallen in love with Constance and just wanted to be famous. His love for kids and his kindness to Addy beforehand adds to his niceness.