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Shout Out: American Horror Story: Murder House
  • The man who has half of his face burnt has the surname of Harvey, as in Harvey Dent.
  • Larry Harvey says that when he murdered his family under the influence of voices, he felt like an obedient child. The character played by Laurence Harvey in ''The Manchurian Candidate'' murdered people under the influence of his mother.
  • Larry Harvey is also the name of one of the founders of Burning Man. And what happened to the show's Larry Harvey?
  • The second episode uses the score from Psycho and is reminiscent of The Strangers.
  • In episode five, Tate and Violet are confronted on the beach by five teenagers: A jock, a cheerleader, a nerd, a goth girl, and a guy dressed in a leather jacket.
    • Violet even calls them "The Dead Breakfast Club".
  • Tate axes a serial killer groupie named Bianca. Anyone familiar with the Manson case will recognize those names.
  • Hayden in "Halloween, Part 2" subverts a Fatal Attraction shout-out.
  • Tate gives a Shout-Out to Taxi Driver right before he commits Suicide by Cop.
    • Tate also gives another one prior to that when he says something similar to Bickle's "rain washing away" speech when he first meets with Ben.
  • Tate is revealed to be a ghost, in a probably unintentional Shout-Out to Evan Peters' episode of Ghost Whisperer, where he was the Ghost Of The Week.
  • The show uses the score from Bram Stoker's Dracula, particularly in the scene where Nora opens the door to see her "baby" in his room.
  • The show also gives a couple of subtle shout-outs to The Shining. Tate's practically an homage to Twisted Nerve, whistling the theme tune and everything. Then there are all of the Rosemary's Baby references.
    • One of those The Shining shout-outs happens with Beau's ball. He rolls it to an unsuspecting person while hidden in the shadows, like how a tennis ball is rolled unsuspectingly to Danny.
  • "Twisted Nerve" plays over Tate's shoot out, the theme to the eponymous film about a psychotic boy who does crazy things for a girl he loves.
  • When Ben sees Larry for the first time in the first episode, the scene itself is an homage of Laurie seeing The Shape in the Strode backyard for the second time.
  • A more obscure one: Travis' last name, Wanderley, is shared by the protagonist of Peter Straub's novel Ghost Story. Straub's novels in general are similar enough in tone and execution to this series that at times [1] feels like a Spiritual Licensee.
  • Possibly a coincidence, but the way the Murder House works bears a strong resemblance to the one from the Nothing Dead Here story arc of the long-running webcomic Sluggy Freelance.
  • The ending of the season when the family is united in death and stages elaborate hauntings to scare out the new family has many shades of Beetlejuice.
  • The final shot of the dead Harmons watching the new family running away is most likely one to the very similar scene at the end of The Others.
  • Ben and Tate's relationship in the early episodes comes off as one big Shout-Out to the plot of The Sixth Sense, though with the twist that it's the patient who turns out to have been a ghost the whole time, not the doctor.
  • Tate begging Violet to "not die on him" after overdosing could be considered a shout out to Pulp Fiction when Vincent Vega is begging the same thing to Mia Wallace after her overdose.

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