Heartwarming / American Horror Story: Asylum

  • Even though it was a Hope Spot, Leo attacking the first Bloody Face copycat with only one arm in order to save his wife was pretty heartwarming.
  • Sister Jude visiting the house of the girl she killed in a drunken hit and run. The look when Missy walks in alive and well is quite a moment.
  • Sister Jude's final six months. She eventually returns to sanity under Kit's nursing hand, acts as a grandmother to his two children, and becomes close friends with Kit himself.
    • Judy's parting words to Kit's children, particularly to Julia, which is something along the lines of "Never let a man tell you who you are." (It's especially bittersweet, considering that her life as a mixed-race daughter of a three-way marriage in a particularly intolerant part of late '60s/early '70s America is going to be fraught with difficulties.) This is followed by the children's refusal to go outside and play, instead staying with Jude while she dies. The scene switches between heartwarming and Tear Jerker several times.
  • Despite all the hell she went through, Lana has earned herself a successful journalism career and a happy relationship.
  • In her interview, Lana reveals what happened to Kit's children: Thomas became a law professor, and Julia is a renowned surgeon. It's good to know that even though they're quite probably the product of supernatural intervention, their remarkable talents are not only entirely an extension of their human side, but that they've put them to use to help other people.