Heartwarming / Adventures in Babysitting

  • Probably the most heartwarming scene in the whole movie goes to Sara when she "meets" her idol "Thor".
    • What's even better is the exchange that happens just as she is about to leave without her prized helmet.
    Mr. Dawson: Hey kid! (tosses it back to her) Keep it. I got one at home.
    • Though Sara really steals the show when she hands her helmet over to him.
    Dawson/"Thor": You're giving this (helmet) to me?
    Sara: Well yeah, you're my hero.
  • The scene where they are told Brad is dead is is played for laughs, but you can't deny Sarah and Darryl's reactions to seeing him alive fall under this (Chris fainted beforehand).
    Sarah: Brad.
    (Runs over and hugs him, Darryl does the same)
    Darryl: Brad, don't you ever die on me. Ever.
  • There's a quick, almost invisible one when they're about to do a tightrope act over oblivious mobsters. Made all the more poignant because it's Sarah offering reassurance to Darryl, who she previously suggested running over.
    Darryl: What if we fall?
    Sarah: I won't let you fall.
    • Almost as heartwarming is Daryl's response. After a 9 year old girl promises she won't let him fall, you can tell his first reaction would be a sarcastic response, but you see him bite it back, look her in the eye, and say, "Thanks."