Awesome: Adventures in Babysitting

  • "Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues."
  • Chris has one when she goes toe to toe with the actual leader of a street gang.
    Gang Leader: Don't fuck with the Lords of Hell!
  • Of course the Crowning Moment of Awesome goes to Sara.
    "Thor, mighty god of thunder, we seek your aid."
  • And when it starts to look like Dawson won't help, she bounces right back by giving him her Thor helmet.
    Sara: You don't have your special helmet. Here, take mine.
    Dawson: You're giving me this?
    Sara: Well yeah! You're my hero.
    • Continuing the awesome and crossing it with a CMoH: after agreeing to help them out after all, he finishes by tossing the helmet back to her, telling her he's got one at home.
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