Trivia: Adventures in Babysitting

  • Dawson Casting: For a good reason. If Elizabeth Shue actually was 17 when this was made, the whole "looking-like-the-Playboy-centerfold" thing would have crossed the line.
    • Also, Bradley Whitford was 27 when he played Chris's boyfriend in this film.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Anthony Rapp plays Daryl.
    • Chris' boyfriend is played by Bradley Whitford, aka Josh Lyman in The West Wing.
    • Don't forget Vincent D'Onofrio as Thor (which brought much amusement during the casting of the actual Thor film.)
    • Chris gets together with a boy played by George Newbern, who grows up to voice Theodore Rex, Sephiroth and Nooj.
    • Don't fuck with Detective Meldrick Lewis from Homicide Life On The Street!
    • The band playing the frat party is Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.
  • Throw It In: During the scene where Brenda tries to buy a hot dog, the vendor improvised the line "Then I don't have a fucking weiner!" The director thought it was hilarious, but the executives told him to take it out of the theatrical release to keep it PG-13.
    Vendor: Look, you slip me the cash, and I'll slip you the weiner.
    Brenda: But I don't have any cash!
    Vendor: Then I don't have a weiner!
    • Also the song they improvise to get off the stage.