Heart Warming / Space Battleship Yamato 2199

  • In Episode 2, there has just been a notice coming from all the remaining human cities aren't sure they have enough power to survive. Just as it looks like Yamato isn't going to have enough power to launch before getting hit by the giant nuclear bomb, every city on the planet sends energy they cannot spare to Yamato to get her off the ground in time.
  • Deslar's Pet the Dog moment in episode 8. Shultz and his crew of second-class Gamilas have just died fighting the Yamato, their direct superior Goer is trying to blame them for the failure of the operation (planned by Deslar himself), and Deslar replies by cutting off communications with Goer and ordering that Shultz and his men are promoted two ranks posthumously (incidentally making Shultz of higher rank than Goer) and their families made honorary citizens (of higher social position than pureblooded Gamilas), and puts the blame of the failure on the Yamato being just that good.
  • On Erich Domel's way to receive a promotion from Deslar, a little Garmillan girl is seen running up to his motorcade, a bouquet of flowers in her arms. Two guards chase after her, but Domel calls them off as he kneels down and accepts the girl's gift. It's quite easy to see here that Domel's military accomplishments aren't the only reason why he is beloved by his people.
  • In episode 17 many of the crew are discussing about Yuki being Human or Iskandarian, with the latter being considered bad. Upon hearing such a discussion, Shima butt in, stating that they had better things to do during a mission and making clear he doesn't care: Yuki is Yuki.
  • Redof Hyss, Vice President of the Empire, gets one in Episode 23. The Gamillan palace is about to be evacuated because Desler is making a Colony Drop on it and the surrounding city. Hilde Shultz, the daughter of the above, gets trampled down in the surrounding chaos. Hyss, while fleeing, sees this and picks her up. The second highest man of the Gamillan Empire stops and picks up a servant girl and carries her out. Its just a beautiful moment showing that while they are the enemies, not all the higher ups in the empire are evil.
    • Then in episode 24 he helps convincing Starsha in giving the Cosmo Reverse to Earth as a way to repay the Yamato for preventing the Colony Drop.
  • Before setting out to fight the Yamato, Domel is introduced to his rag-tag fleet, which includes a small group of Zaltians who would board the ship. One Gamillan poo-poos on the idea of the Zaltians participating in the mission. The Zaltians then start singing the Garmillas anthem, showing that they were dedicated to carrying out their mission, regardless of the risk or the higher-ups' opinions of them. Soon, Frakken, Domel, the fleet, and even the Gamillan who protested the Zaltian's involvement join the singing.
  • The funeral for the fallen of the Battle of the Rainbow Cluster in episode 21, as it's for everyone, Human, Gamilan, and even the Zaltians who boarded the Yamato and kidnapped Yuki.
  • Frakken is clearly troubled by the harsh treatment a Zaltzi soldier received on Prison Planet 17 by its racist warden. He holds one of his crewmen back from giving the warden a piece of his mind, but after a while, even he's ready to belt him in the mouth, and likely would've if not for Mori's intervention.
  • During the return trip to Earth, Flakken provides unexpected help for the Yamato by attacking Goer's fleet (although he's doing so largely on Admiral Ditz's orders). What's more, he adopted Yabu, the portly Yamato engineer who got left behind on Prison Planet 17, as a member of his subspace submarine's engineering crew, where he seems genuinely happy.
  • The return to Earth.
  • The spirit of Mamoru Kodai prematurely activating the Cosmo Reversal System, potentially dooming Earth for no other reason than to bring Yuki Mori back so his younger brother, Susumu, can be happy.
  • There's a small moment when Shiro asks Susumu if there were any survivors found onboard his brother's derelict ship. After Susumu and Yuki leave, Kaoru tells Shiro she can tell he's worried about the young man.
    Kaoru: "You're worried about him, aren't you? It's one of the things I like best about you."
  • In "Odyssey of the Celestial Ark" Kodai, Niimi and two other crew members of the Yamato find themselves trapped in a mysterious hotel with survivors of the Battle of the Rainbow Cluster, including Berger (who literally had no other reason to live other than Domel and his other companions from his fleet, and had previously refused an order to not attack the Yamato), with Lorelei trying to manipulate them into killing each other. Not only they don't kill each other when Berger and his people realize they're not dealing with Zaltians but crew of the Yamato, they actually become friends and fight together against Goran "Thunder" Galam and his Gatlantean fleet.
  • During the timeskip between the first series and Warriors of Love, Kodai and Yuki have married.
  • In Warriors of Love's episode 2, the impromptu memorial servive for Okita.
  • In Warriors of Love's episode 4, the Yamato is about to leave to answer the call for help from Telezart in defiance of government orders when commander-in-chief Todo calls to have them stand down, and Kodai tells his men to choose if they want to stay on the ship or leave. Nobody leave. And then Shima, who had not joined the initial group, shows up.
    • In the following episode the pilots of the Cosmo Tigers hear that the Yamato has taken off again-and immediately desert to join the ship, with personnel from the Gamilan embassy helping because they owe the Yamato for what happened during the battle of Gamilas.