Headscratchers / The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing

  • How do the Gyroids cause people to turn into fucked-up animals? And how can it be just the one you like the most? Aren't they just normal random pieces of normal random furniture?
    • Oh, wait, each of them causes you to turn into a different animal. The villagers bury specific Gyroids depending on your favourite animal. For example, Quazoids cause you to turn into a rabbit. Which explains why Billy can't find other kinds, also why he is surrounded by them in the anti-box ending. That still leaves one question: HOW can a simple statue-ish thing turn you into an animal?
      • Magic. Evil, eldritch magic.
      • It's a story about a fucked up prison island where the locals trap kids for their body parts. And they're actually nicer now that Tom Nook runs the store. Just go with it.
      • It's really a case of Nothing Is Scarier. Billy mentions a few theories in-universe, but the truth is that he doesn't know and neither should the audience. But it's probably magic.