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Fridge: The Terrible Secret Of Animal Crossing
Fridge Horror

Okay, so it's implied when Tom asks what your favorite animal is, that's what you turn into. What if it's an amoeba or some really primitive predator, like a jellyfish?
  • No answer for the jellyfish, but it's explicitly stated that crossing turns you into an animal, and amoebas are protozoa, not animals.
    • What if your favorite animal was an insect or arachnid? There haven't been any arthropod villagers thus far, so are there even Gyroids for those? Also what would happen with your limbs if you said your favorite animal was a snake...?

Fridge Logic

In the bad ending why didn't the government arrive since Nook had already tipped them off.
  • It is possible that the government did arrive in the bad ending. Billy mentions temporarily hearing a "funny putter in the distance." That noise could have been the government's helicopter. Though I don't have any idea about what happened to the government agents when they arrived on the island.

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