Headscratchers / Tales of Rebirth

  • Just how big is the Idiot Ball the party is carrying? When Saleh blatantly told them just how much he wants to amp his 'trample the hearts of people For the Evulz' intentions, which happens after the party beat the shit out of it and he had to eat Tytree's "The Reason You Suck" Speech and yet gleefully ignores them... what's stopping the party to kick his ass and prove him wrong and he'll stay as an eternal loser if he keeps acting like that? Instead they just stare at him and curse like "Saleh, you bastard!". Really, why can't the party make him eat his words as soon as possible? It could really elevate Saleh into a Magnificent Bastard instead of a Smug Snake he is today, and make the story even more compelling...
    • The impression I got was that they were basically just ignoring him to show how pathetic he was in their eyes.
      • That was in the final battle and I admit Veigue and friends got more cool-headed by that time. But they clearly sounds disturbed when they met in the earlier portion of the second half... after in the final parts of the first part, they kicked his butt. HARD.