Headscratchers / Super Mario RPG

  • Why was Mallow taken away from Nimbus Land? Who put him in that basket? Why did he have to go at all?
    • This troper assumed his parents got careless and accidentally dropped him off of a cloud in a tragic accident. The basket may have been his baby carriage.
    • Perhaps Mallow is younger than he looks and matures quickly. The game never really specifies how long he's been with Frogfucious and the tadpoles, so maybe a castle servant spirited him away to safety when Valentina took over.
  • Who the hell was Geno? Not the Star Road guy — the actual Geno, the guy who Gaz's doll was based on. He's important enough to have a pretty advanced doll made of him (with star attacks for some reason), but nobody's ever heard of him except Gaz.
    • It might just be a custom toy.
      • A toy that Geno, or rather, the star-thing that possessed him, gave powers on the spot.
    • More importantly, who's bright idea was it to give a toy for children built-in guns and rocket fists?
      • Assuming that Geno's Spirit animated the doll and made it real there have been plenty of toys that have rocket fists and kung fu chopping action. Which also potentially answers the why do people sell upgrades for him? He could be a highly popular (or incredibly generic fits in with any set sort) doll and finding his new sword is no different from finding a new Power Ranger accessory.
      • If he's a highly popular doll, how come literally no one has ever heard of him? This is a world where people do that, everyone recognizes Mario by sight. If, I dunno, Woody from Toy Story came walking by in real life, people would be like "Hey, that's Woody!"
    • Probably the same people who sell upgrades for the toy, which I must assume are in turn magically upgraded by Geno's star powers to be compatible with his new magical body. Another question to ask is that what does Gaz think after he receives the doll with its Infinity +1 Sword attached?
  • Why is Mallow considered the emo one? Bowser is seen crying just as often as him if not more, and generally for stupider reasons. And he writes poetry.
    • To be fair, when Bowser cries, he's more restrained and makes a token effort not to draw attention to himself.
  • Booster owns a Mario and Peach dolls. He knows about Mario's reputation of saving Peach. Yet minutes before the dolls are revealed Booster indicates he neither recognizes the real Mario nor knows who Peach is talking about when she calls for Mario. What gives?
    • The short, easy answer: Booster needed to have the mere concepts of crying and parties explained to him. It's clear that he's not exactly very bright.
    • The long, overly complicated: Some people are just not very good at mentally linking concepts together, even when to others it seems like a no-brainer. This troper isn't exactly sure how to best explain it, but imagine that a young child is a really big fan of Jackie Chan Adventures , but didn't realize that Jackie Chan is a real person. If he had seen Jackie Chan in person or heard someone say the name "Jackie", he'd probably just write it off as merely a coincidence.
  • Regarding the legal issues involving Square (Enix), this game's original characters like Geno and Mallow, and the Continuity Lock-Out - let's assume that it's true that Square owns those characters and Nintendo can't use them without permission (because otherwise, how could Disney make a Kingdom Hearts game for mobile phones without any involvement from Square, but Nintendo can't have the same treatment?). This troper believes that the reason for this is for Square to use those characters as a bargaining chip whenever they want to do something with Nintendo (because otherwise, what could they possibly want with characters that probably wouldn't fit anywhere outside of a Mario game?). So then why haven't these characters appeared in any other SE + Nintendo collaboration, such as Mario Sports Mix or Itadaki Street ?