Headscratchers: Super Mario RPG

  • Why was Mallow taken away from Nimbus Land? Who put him in that basket? Why did he have to go at all?
    • This troper assumed his parents got careless and accidentally dropped him off of a cloud in a tragic accident. The basket may have been his baby carriage.
    • Perhaps Mallow is younger than he looks and matures quickly. The game never really specifies how long he's been with Frogfucious and the tadpoles, so maybe a castle servant spirited him away to safety when Valentina took over.
  • Who the hell was Geno? Not the Star Road guy — the actual Geno, the guy who Gaz's doll was based on. He's important enough to have a pretty advanced doll made of him (with star attacks for some reason), but nobody's ever heard of him except Gaz.
    • It might just be a custom toy.
      • A toy that Geno, or rather, the star-thing that possessed him, gave powers on the spot.
    • More importantly, who's bright idea was it to give a toy for children built-in guns and rocket fists?