Headscratchers / Super Mario RPG

  • Why was Mallow taken away from Nimbus Land? Who put him in that basket? Why did he have to go at all?
    • This troper assumed his parents got careless and accidentally dropped him off of a cloud in a tragic accident. The basket may have been his baby carriage.
    • Perhaps Mallow is younger than he looks and matures quickly. The game never really specifies how long he's been with Frogfucious and the tadpoles, so maybe a castle servant spirited him away to safety when Valentina took over.
  • Who the hell was Geno? Not the Star Road guy — the actual Geno, the guy who Gaz's doll was based on. He's important enough to have a pretty advanced doll made of him (with star attacks for some reason), but nobody's ever heard of him except Gaz.
    • It might just be a custom toy.
      • A toy that Geno, or rather, the star-thing that possessed him, gave powers on the spot.
    • More importantly, who's bright idea was it to give a toy for children built-in guns and rocket fists?
    • Probably the same people who sell upgrades for the toy, which I must assume are in turn magically upgraded by Geno's star powers to be compatible with his new magical body. Another question to ask is that what does Gaz think after he receives the doll with its Infinity+1 Sword attached?
  • Why is Mallow considered the emo one? Bowser is seen crying just as often as him if not more, and generally for stupider reasons. And he writes poetry.