Headscratchers / Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

  • Why doesn't Chochem volunteer to be Santa Claus, besides the fact that otherwise there would be no movie? He's already a wise immortal being, possibly with supernatural abilities, who cares about the well-being of Martian children. In any case, he probably would do a million times better job being in charge of delivering presents to every child on the planet than the "laziest man on Mars."
    • He didn't strike me as particularly jolly. A Santa like that would probably make the martian kids even more depressed.
    • He also seems like he can barely get through a conversation without keeling over. I can't see him shimmying through vents, or building toys even if the production is automated.
    • Chochem is an 800-year-old Hermit Guru. Pro: his knowledge and wisdom are so broad that he is conversant in the cultural practices of other planets. Con: He has to be told what time of the year it is. Even with his teleportation ability and whatever other powers he has, he seems to be a bit too addled to be up to the task of organising Christmas.
  • Whatever happened with the Earth spaceship sent to rescue Santa? Even if the Martians blocked their radar, it's not like they didn't know where they were headed.
    • Voldar mentions that Mars is mostly a subterranean society. Maybe Kimar and company lost the Earth ship by going underground.
  • Why the hell does Dropo live with Kimar? Or if he doesn't, he's certainly around his house all the time. Is he Kimar's manservant? Shouldn't the (apparent) ruler of Mars have a better manservant if that's the case?
    • WMG: perhaps Dropo is Kimar's brother
    • Maybe being around/serving the ruler of Mars was supposed to motivate him to stop being so lazy. It didn't work.