Headscratchers: Samurai Warriors

  • So something odd that happens in Hanzo's SW 3 story (and I think Ina's or someone else's) is that Ieyasu wins the battle of Komaki-Nagakute and allows Hideyoshi to join him in his conquest (historically, it was the other way around). Just two stages later, Ieyasu is working for Hideyoshi. I know it's likely an oversight and they'd have to make another version of the stage just for this situation but still.
    • If you actually look at it they never truly let Ieyasu "win", just avoid conquest, so it's more like "win the battle, lose the war" kind of case.
  • Any reason why the games ignore the Ashikaga Shogunate's collapse, I mean, that part of history is what lead to the Warring States Period, didn't it?
    • With the addition of Hisahide in SW 4 it looks like there may be some focus given to it.
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