Nightmare Fuel: Samurai Warriors

  • SW2 - The escape from Honnoji in Magoichi's story. First, it's a stage following the death of Nobunaga Oda in a foggy dark night and the game's mechanic disabled the mini-map, making you easy to get lost in the middle of nowhere and further away from your escape point. Second, even if Magoichi loathe Nobunaga and finally assassinated him, he still feels guilty for causing the land into chaos shortly after Nobunaga's death, thus the guilt is haunting him. Third, this creepy as hell music plays mostly for the entire stage. Fourth, it is implied the entire stage, or at least the pursuing Oda army whom Magoichi fought throughout his escape, is merely an illusion created by Kotaro Fuuma. Well, at least it's pretty clear that the fake Nobunaga who shows up near Magoichi's escape point is indeed an illusion.