Headscratchers / Return to Sleepaway Camp

  • Return ignores the previous films, so Angela never had a sex change, so she should still be a man, yet during The Reveal and The Stinger, she is obviously female, and no explanation is given as to why.
    • The filmmakers apparently once said that the killer isn't Peter, it's the real Angela.
      • That just makes you scratch your head harder!
      • Indeed it does, since the real Angela wouldn't go after bullying campers. She'd go after, say, people one boating trips. Y'know, sicne that's what killed her.
  • Why wasn't Alan sent home in the beginning? He's obviously causing trouble for all of the campers and the counselors.
  • Why did those campers look through the holes in the floor? A sharpened piece of wood just tried to stab one of them and yet, they're looking through the holes, trying to describe what it looks like..
  • Why exactly was Angela killing the people picking on Alan?
    • Could it be that Alan is Angela's son? That might the only explanation that she would go that far to help him.