Headscratchers / Rayman Legends

  • Am I the only one that isn't broken up about Rayman Legends being delayed to be a Multi-Platform game? Granted, there will be a bunch of blockbusters on September (Grand Theft Auto V being the most notable), but its predecessor, Rayman Origins, was in the same boat, and although sales had a rocky start, it eventually became moderately successful.
    • The thing is, Rayman Origins was a Multi-Platform game to begin with. Rayman Legends is supposed to be a Wii U exclusive. And the main issue is not the delay to the blockbuster season, but the reason why it's delayed. When you promised fans that this would be an exclusive and ready for release on February only to turn back on your promise, the fans who bought the Wii U for this game are not going to be happy. Multi-Platform is understandable, but delaying an already completed game for that is inexcusable. How would Xbox 360 and PS3 fans feel if they heard that Batman: Arkham City was delayed just because Warner Bros. wanted it to be released alongside with Wii U version?
    • Original poster here: You got a good point.
    • That being said, many of these complainers ignore the fact that Ubisoft added 30 levels and extra content during those months of the delay. So if the Wii U version did come out when it was originally meant to then Nintendo buyers would be complaining that they got the lesser version compared to the PS3/360 versions. Ubisoft seemed to make the right decision in delaying it so all versions would be equal when they all were out, but some people want to see this as nothing but a greedy move (despite the fact that ZombiU bombed in sales so it's understandable why Ubisoft might realize they shouldn't place too many bets solely on a console that hasn't sold many systems). Also there's the Unfortunate Implications of people boycotting the game because of this despite the fact that obviously this decision would have been made by higher-up executives and not the majority of the development team. Yes, boycotting the game punishes the executives, but it also punishes the development team that went up and beyond to add so much to the game for the fans. As for people who bought a Wii U just so they could play Rayman Legends, well they shouldn't act like this sort of thing hasn't happened. The first Bioshock eventually became available for the PS3 when it was previously only on the 360/PC, and later it happened again with the first Mass Effect. When it comes to third-party titles you should never assume it might not go multi-platform save for certain developers (like Naughty Dog works exclusively with Sony).
    • Granted, you yourself didn't mention that the developers were forced to work overtime to get the game finished by it's initial release date. They had very few hours to rest or spend time with their loved ones, and when the game got pushed back, it rendered all that stress of getting it done quickly pointless. Of course they would be angry. Things did get sorted out and they made extra stuff, but if Ubisoft didn't want Rayman Legends out by February, then they shouldn't have rushed the developers.
  • Alright I'm okay with the whole multiplatform thing but why did the finished Wii U version need to be delayed?
    • Part of it's due to ZombiU flopping, thus making Ubisoft wary of the system. Also, Microsoft apparently refuses to sell multi-platform games on the Xbox 360 unless they come out simultaneously or the 360 version is superior, among other strict rules.
  • How do you get the Ubisoft Rayman?
    • You can't, unfortunately. It's only for the game developers.
    • It's now available in the Definitive Edition, and right from the start too.
  • Maybe I'm just being dumb (which is probable) but what's with the Magician's obsession with honking the Teensie damsels' noses? Is there some sort of Double Entendre I'm missing?
    • It's most likely meant to show him acting like a bully for the hell of it. Unless it's supposed to be an equivalent of honking on boobs...
  • So of all the Rayman Origins levels NOT to include, why the hell not Land of the Livid Dead? It was the best level of the game! Instead all we get is the fight with big mama at the end.
    • Because changes to the game's mechanics means that the level would be outright impossible to complete without fundamental design changes. The level relies on "bubblized" enemies for some of its sections, and would have to be redesigned in those sections. Although the remade Origins levels do sometimes divert, LotLD would require more precise changes.
    • OP here: I didn't consider that. That makes a lot of sense actually.