Headscratchers / Overman King Gainer

  • The events in the next to last episode, especially concerning Sara's Anguished Declaration of Love which had no effect on an Overfrozen Gainer. Yes, it is undeniable that previous events had kind of driven a wedge between the two, what with Gauli being responsible for the death of Gainer's parents and Sara's lack of response to Gainer's confession despite clearly feeling the same about him (and Sara mostly has herself to blame for all this). However, Episode 22 showed that Gainer had never fallen out of love with Sara, despite repriminding her and seeing she was not as perfect as he pictured her to be. After all, the two did share an heartwarming moment in King Gainer's cockpit as they were going in Agate's Crystal to save Cynthia from Asuham and the Overdevil, which would indicate that Gainer and Sara were beginning to warm up to each other again. So, exactly, why does Tomino want us to think that Adette and Gauli, who are pretty much the poster boys for Strangled by the Red String, have a deeper, more romantic connection? To this troper, the whole thing was only done for the sake of shock value.
    • If you look closely Sara isn't kissing Gainer, he's just breathing the overfreeze into her mouth. I know that doesn't help make more sense except that in his Over frozen state the stuttered confession could be seen as not enough.
    • I just thought of it as Gainer (with his high Oversense) being more important to the Overdevil than Gauli was, and thus the Overfreeze would be stronger for him.
      • This, the above. Gainer is fully assimilated into the core of the Overdevil, to the point where the Overdevil is essentially using him as an avatar. That's another issue, remember, as Gainer himself states prior to willingly giving himself over to the machine to save Cynthia (the only reason he 'loses' to it in the first place), he and Cynthia are "shut down" as people, with the Overdevil essentially using their brains/information (the only things not Overfrozen) as terminals to interact with the outside world. People like Gauli and Sara are not really assimilated, they're merely being more conventionally mind-controlled, and thus it's much easier to break the connection. Nothing Gainer or Cynthia were saying or doing during the last two episodes were of their own free will or what they really felt, even in their subconscious, it was just the Over Devil speaking through them.
      • Likewise, as far as Adette x Gauli is concerned, it's far easier to just see it as her 'playing around'. The series does portray her as somewhere between an Adult Child and/or a fickle, capricious, and incredible whimsical person who blindly charges ahead, single-mindedly devoted to whatever she gets into her head regardless of logic, sanity, bodily harm, death. etc. She ALSO seemingly has as an intrinsic character trait the necesity to become attached to, or infatuated with, the person she perceives as the "manliest" and/or "strongest" man wherever she's living, as long as they're available. She jumps from Yassaba, to Gainer (her interest in him is CLEARLY not limited to 'big sis' or 'teacher'), and finally to Gauli after he proves to be more interesting then the boring "useless lead soldier" he's portrayed as for most of the series proper. It's not really Red String Strangling or even Tying Up Romantic Loose Ends since she'll most likely jump to the next available man if the trend continues.

  • This Troper is simply surprised this page isn't longer, considering that the vast majority of the series continuously pops major plot point, objects, and characters, as well as motivations and actions on behalf of people out its rear. That, and the vast majority of the science and physics makes no sense and is never even hinted at let alone explained. That, and most of the last 1/4 of the series is permeated by ridiculous events that make no sense whatsoever. It's probably because the series itself makes no attempt to ever take itself serious though.