Headscratchers / 1000 Ways to Die

  • Just wondering how true are these stories that are told in the show, cause I saw "Way to Die #948: Titti Titti Bang Bang" and as I remind Mythbusters proved this can't happen.
    • 1. They tested actual breast implants; the ones she got were fake.
    • 2. This happened to a woman in Russia, but she lived.
  • Did "Way to Die #701: Steward-Death" actually happen? I'm an aviation fan, I've been informing myself about air disasters with it's investigations and never heard about this. Plus it says is happened in 1998 and as I know the last sudden de-compression where a flight attendant was sucked out occured in 1988 in Aloha flight 243.
    • The death is based on Aloha Flight 243. The name, location and date were changed.
      • They did that because the family didn't wanted the show to talk about him. But you can know it's him if you search well.