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Headscratchers: Justice League of America
  • You know when Catwoman hit Prometheus with her whip in his private parts? Why didn't he watch out for it and evade it?
    • My guess is, based on his next bit of dialogue, he didn't expect Catwoman to side with the heroes. Thus, he didn't expect the attack and thus didn't dodge.
    • That's pretty clever. Thanks!
    • It's also a bit of a Silver Age idea: Prometheus spends the entire two-parter boasting that he's Crazy-Prepared because he has a database of all Earth's heroes, so he's utterly unprepared for an incapable against a turncoat villain. It leads to a bit of Fridge Brilliance whenyou realize that's why he joins Luthor's supervillain team in his next foray against the League; he's not just seeking allies, he's learning about the bad guys, too.
  • Following the events of Justice League: Cry for Justice, Shade retrieves Prometheus' body (from his own pocket dimension... somehow), which leads to Green Arrow being put on trial for his murder. Why would Shade do that? He himself has killed people for far less than what Prometheus did. It seems extremely out of character for him to try to have Green Arrow face punishment.
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