Headscratchers / Jet Set Radio

  • During the last battle of Jet Set Radio Future, what ever happened to the pedestrians Rokaku's sculpture absorbed? When the GGs fight A.KU.MU inside of the structure, the only other beings present are the shadow police. Considering how the shadow police treat (that is, attack relentlessly) the GGs and the main way to escape them requires roller skates, did the shadow police kill the trapped pedestrians?
    • They were probably used as energy to power the structure, so they probably died. The game just didn't wanna say that out loud, y'know. Looks bad.
  • Okay, it's been three to four years since I last played it, so I might be forgetting a few details, but...in Jet Set Radio Future, in the cutscene where Professor K tells us that Yoyo's been captured, his sunglasses are laying near Potts' kennel, and Potts is sniffing them. Then in the mission where you finally rescue him, he has his sunglasses back on. I know this is because the sunglasses are glued onto his character model, but how did he get them back? Does this kid keep an extra pair with him at all times?
    • Is it out of the realm of possibility that his rescuer brought the glasses with him/her? I mean, every member of the GG's MUST know what Yoyo's glasses mean to him...
    • Maybe Yoyo carries an extra pair with him. The kidnappers let him keep the rest of the stuff on him.
  • Also, something that's really been confusing me: Are the Jet Set/Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future continuities connected? Some sources tell me JSRF is a sequel, some tell me it's a prequel, and others tell me it's an Alternate Continuity. Beat has been canonly confirmed to be 17, and if the JSR wiki is anything to go by, all of the Rudies were born in 1984. Combining this information together, this all means that the first JSR is taking place in 2001...But then, JSRF has been confirmed to take place in 2024, which means that they'd all be 40, but yet they still look and sound young (except Beat, who sounds like he hit puberty), and the police still refer to them as kids or youths. There's no way these games can both be in the same continuity..
    • There's no way its a prequel. That means Professor K aged backwards. If it weren't for how the characters look though it could have been a sequel. It's an alternate continuity.
    • Perhaps it's a sequel, and the "returning" characters are actually different people with the same nickname?
  • When downloading the JSRF model rips for MMD, if you look through the texture files, you can see that the devs gave Beat eyes, but not Yoyo or Garam. I understand why Yoyo and Garam don't have eyes given the fact they're always wearing goggles/sunglasses, but you never see Beat's eyes either, so what was the point of giving him eyes?
    • From what I understand, Beat was one of the first characters created. Maybe they did a complete model for him, then by the time the got to Yoyo/Garam, realized they didn't need the eyes? Or maybe they intended to make the glasses removable at some point, but it never got into the final version. All kinds of possibilities here, so who can say?