Funny / Jet Set Radio

  • Many things that Professor K says are funny:
  • Beat's face and shrug when he sees that Potts is missing.
  • The fact that the cops are sending in tanks, tear gas, and air strikes all because of teens doing graffiti.
  • The noise Yoyo makes when he falls from a great height in JSRF.
  • Gouji Rokkaku is voiced by the one and only Charles Martinet, and his Motive Rant is just a joy to listen to:
    "The name of this tower of ultimate beauty, blibbity blah blah blah, the name is IRRELEVANT!
  • Professor K's description of the sewers in JSRF, comparing them to his ex-girlfriend.
  • You can make your own custom sprays. Bored players have probably abused this to spray phalluses all over Tokyo-to.
  • Roll through any crowd of people. There will be at least one woman (or 20) accusing the Rudie of "AGH, HE TOUCHED MY BUM!". Or alternately, 20 men screaming "MY KNEE, MY KNEE!".
    • If you find one of those women, it's possible to position yourself so they'll keep hopping back and forth screaming that 'he' (even if you're playing as a female character) touched her butt...even if you're literally standing in place a few feet away from them, not touching anything at all.