Headscratchers / Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen

  • Is it just me, or the whole Snoofles/Jasper fan-reactions smell of Unfortunate Implications? Sure, necromantic-bestiality is not exactly flattering in the first place, but still compared to the crazy rapist uncle and Jacob's "mushroom"...
    • I think the stronger reactions to Snoofles and Jasper are mostly due to shock value. Lots of badfics (and even a lot of goodfics) use rape as a plot point, and there are also plenty of fics - good and bad - that use strange or just plain terrible metaphors for sexual organs. But a talking panda and a suddenly homosexual vampire?

  • Why exactly does nobody react to what is happening to Tiaa when Larry has her after he got her to wash his car? I mean, it's said to happen 'for hours', surely there'd be SOME sort of reaction, wouldn't there?
    • They were probably watching it.

  • How the entire story came to exist.