Headscratchers / .hack//SIGN

  • Aside from being an immature brat, does it seem like Sora is a little overly intelligent for a fourth grader? In some scenes he talks about how "we (the players) use each other for information?" and discusses using Silver Knight "as a pawn" and basically a bunch of other things you wouldn't expect someone his age to say.
    • He's just Genre Savvy to all the nuances of a fantasy MMORPG. He probably doesn't fully get everything he says, but he's heard others talk like that and has a working understanding of what they mean.
  • Does this show have any fight scenes at all? And if so, in which episodes?
    • I don't remember exactly which episodes these are in, but:
      • The first time Tsukasa sees the Guardian is when it stops the Silver Knight in the middle of said Knight attacking Tsukasa with a sword. The Guardian doesn't appear until Tsukasa is effectively cornered.
      • There's also when the adventuring party of girls attacks Tsukasa on a castle wall when the rumours about the Guardian are beginning to spread. That's more of a Curb-Stomp Battle than anything else, but that's kind of the Guardian's MO.
      • If I remember correctly, there's also the battle where Tsukasa is taken prisoner, and at least one other case where Crim takes part in a fight (aside from the offscreen one with Sora).
      • Not that I see why it matters, but there are a few towards the end. Crim and Sora have a final duel, and there is one or two big group battles with a Guardian.
        • There are also some "minor" fight scenes, such as Mimiru taking on a lizard man early on as well as Mimiru and A-20 taking on a dungeon and partying (while missing Tsukasa). The fight scenes aren't meant to be impressive, but there are some at about every other episode early on as well.
  • Why do we never see Wavemasters using magic in combat? Both Tsukasa and B.T. (as well as nameless throwaway characters) swing their staves when attacked. Tsukasa impressively parries and holds his own against the Silver Knight, just using his staff. I can only recall B.T. using a pretty awesome aurora beam in one of the final battles of the series.