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Funny: .hack//SIGN
  • Sora: Tsukasa! Let's play red light/green light!
  • Tsukasa is worried whether he's really a person or just a program in The World. Subaru takes his hand and places it on her chest, and tells him that if he can feel her heart beating, than the sensations he's feeling is real and that they can interact has meaning. She continues with this, but Tsukasa has stopped worrying about his existance or her philosophy and is making this face at his hand that was touching a pretty girl's chest a few seconds ago.
    • And if you consider that in the real world Tsukasa turns out to be a girl... well, that either makes it even funnier or... um... not.
  • "This shindig looks like the bomb-diggity."
  • Silver Knight actually making a joke and poking fun at the way Sora speaks.
    Silver Knight (mimicking Sora): Laaaame!
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