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Headscratchers: Digimon X-Evolution
  • How do the good digimon keep resurrecting? Patamon is completely possible, since the x-antibody is supposed to be a power boost. Dukemon I'm willing to accept, since he was apparently planning for it and his death didn't look standard (no idea where he got the x-antibody though). But how did metalgarurumon come back? Not only did he keel over dead, his last act was to give up his x-antibody. Yet when we see him again, his looks haven't changed back to that of a normal metalgarurumon.
    • Here, the dead seem to leave their bodies behind(seeing Leomon in the opening) with all those who burst into particles not really dead. It is weird but internally consistent.
    • Also, a possible Fridge Brilliance and Viewers Are Geniuses for Dukemon's resurrection. In the official handbook, Dukemon is described as containing contradictions and is an unstable virus. And we all know virus are notoriously hard to kill in Digimon.
  • Here's a much bigger headscratcher: Alphamon had just died and given his X-Antibody to Omegamon, which led to Omegamon X using his All Delete attack to erase what was left of the Digital World, but the next thing we see is Omegamon X and Dukemon X standing on a hill talking. What has this troper confused is how the Digital World was able to come back without its master control program?
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